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How to apply for Stalls and Displays


We have closed Booth Application.

Thank you for joining us!

The application site is available from Sun 17th Feb 2019 at 9:00am.

This year Japan Festival is accepting applications online, allowing you to choose the location of your choice on a first-come, first-served basis. So to secure your place, please apply early.
After you read the notes on this page, please input your application in English on the site.

1. The stall location available to you may be limited by what your stall is handling or selling.


2. Food stalls of foods that require cooking are all at the rear of the town hall (in the parking area).

There is no roof, so a paid tent ($200) is required. If you are bringing your own tent, please put a tick ✔ in the box for “Please tick, if bringing your own marquee.”.


3. Points to pay attention to in filling in the application form

- Please fill in all necessary information.

- The form details must be in English.

- Please enter your stall name as you want it listed on the Japan Festival pamphlet.

- When you choose the stall type, the layout map showing the available stalls for each room will be displayed, so please select your stall from the remaining choices.


4. Because of pamphlet printing deadlines etc, the stall application deadline is 20th March. This will be strictly observed.

However, the application site will accept no more bookings once all stalls are booked.

If you have any questions, please contact us by our contact form.


5. Please do not sell or promote using images or sound anything related to religion, politics or of a discriminatory nature. Contravention of this rule may result in forcible withdrawal of your stall.


6. Electricity costs and power supply

- Food stalls (in the rear parking area) will need to provide your own generator and extension cords.

- If you have a general booth in the Town Hall requiring a power supply for food reheating, you will be charged for electricity (extra $50).

- If you use a computer or similar device, we do not charge for electricity.


7. Stall discounts for JCV members

- The stall discount for JCV members (10%) applies only to the respective JCV member, and applies to up to 3 stalls.

- The discount applies only if you have been a financial JCV member for at least 6 months prior to this year’s Japan Festival.

- The JCV member discount does not apply to stalls loaned by JCV members to JCV non-members.


8. Payment of Stall Fees

- Once your payment is confirmed, your stall booking is officially accepted. If you use EFT, please remit your payment at the same time as you book your stall(s).

- Please attach a screenshot of your Remittance Advice if remittance is made at a bank counter, or of the transfer details in the case of computer EFT banking.

- In the line for [ Your transaction description: Your reference ], please write the name of your stall as it will appear in the Japan Festival pamphlet.

- If paying by cheque, please make sure to make the cheque payable to:



BSB: 063 159 Commonwealth Bank
Account Number: 10542120


9. Cancellation fees

Cancellation fees apply as stated below.

6 weeks before Japan Festival 50%
5 weeks before Japan Festival 75%
4 weeks before 100%


10. Statement of Trade(SOT) required for cooked food, food sales, drink sales

You MUST have you own SOT for any food or drink sold at Japan Festival. 

Please apply online:



- If you have not successfully submitted your SOT before the day of the Japan Festival, you will not be allowed to sell any food or drink products.

- The SOT submission deadline is the same as for stall applications: 20th March.

- Acceptance of your SOT by the City of Whitehorse depends on coordination between your local city council and Box Hill Town Hall, and Box Hill Town Hall is always busy, so it is always better to get your SOT submitted earlier rather than later.


Please apply online for Stalls and Displays here. (The application site is available from Sun 17th Feb at 9:00am)

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