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ジャパンフェスティバル2014 報告


第15回ジャパンフェスティバルもお天気に恵まれ、今年も盛大のうちに終了致しました。ただ、一つ悔やまれることは JF当日、会場に向う電車が走らず、バスへの乗り継ぎを余儀なくされ、その結果、たくさんの来場者の足を奪われてしまい開催に大きく影響が出てしまいまし た。そのことを除けば、特別企画の日本から招いた飴細工師によるデモンストレーションやメイン舞台ではプロのジャグラーの観客を巻き込んだパフォーマンス は会場が一体化となり、大変な盛り上がりようでした。また、今年の舞台プログラムの最後は初めて和太鼓リンドウに代わり、昨年テレビで全国区になったスペ シャルギターのジョージ上川と津軽三味線の只野典子の両名がオオトリ務め、いつもと違う幕締めとなりました。もちろん、和太鼓リンドウも舞台を前庭に移し 和太鼓の響きを来場者以外にも届けてくれました。






実行委員長 永嶋 実


Japan Festival 2014 Report


Blessed with good weather the 15th Japan Festival concluded as a big success again.


Unfortunately there was an unexpected factor that had some significant impact on the management of the festival, that is, the number of visitors were significantly reduced as they were forced to use busses due to the cancellation of the train services to Box Hill Station.


However, everything else was good: this year’s Special Attraction, the demonstration of lolly figure making by the lolly artist specially invited from Japan was very popular; and the performance on the main stage by the professional juggler involving spectators got the whole venue excited. The closing stage performance this year was not by the Wadaiko Rindo as in the past years, but for the first time by George Kawakami on guitar and Noriko Tadano on Tsugaru shamisen, who became famous nation-wide on TV last year, and they added a new tone to the festival. The Wadaiko Rindo did not miss their beats of course: they performed in the front yard instead and delivered their drumming sound to the visitors and beyond the venue’s boundary.


To conclude my report, I would like to take this opportunity and thank all the visitors, the large number of volunteer helpers, and all the other people who were involved in this year’s Japan Festival.


I would also like to ask you to please support JCV’s Japan Festival in the years to come.


Thank you very, very much.


Minoru Nagashima
The Japan Festival Organising Committee 2014


Japan Club of Victoria Inc. (Reg. No. A003554B)


ジャパンフェスティバル2014 ラッフル当選者 “Raffle Prizes”


  Prize Value Sponsor Winning No Winner’s name
1st Return Trip
for two to Japan
$3,600 JAL,JTB
2123 Georgia Coon
2nd Janome Sewing
$699 Janome 1195 Katsutoshi Maeda
3rd Yamaha
$349.95 Yamaha 5937 Rachel Jonen
4th CAL Eyewear
Gift Vouchers
$200 CAL Eyewear 7750 Minori Teramoto
5th Kajita
Gift Vouchers
$100 Kajita 5015 Yayoi Nagashima
6th Meal Voucher $50 Sushimasa 6447 Ben Chen


ジャパンフェスティバル2014 絵画コンテスト入賞作品 “Drawing Contest”


  Prize Value Sponsor Winner’s name School
Winner Gift Card P/S $50 JCV/JFOC Isabella Mackvill Gardenvale P.S
Costume P Gift Card P/S $30 JCV/JFOC Maxwell Conway Kalinda P.S
Special P Gift Card P/S $20 JCV/JFOC Arisa Onishi Melbourne
School of Japan


  Prize Value Sponsor Winner’s name School
Winner Gift Card S/C $100 JCV/JFOC Ai Takagu Mt Waverley S.C
Costume P Gift Card S/C $50 JCV/JFOC Charlott Luong Bentwood S.C
Special P Gift Card S/C $30 JCV/JFOC Tomonosuke Sakaguchi Japanese School of


ジャパンフェスティバル2014 着物コンテスト入賞者 “Kimono Contest”


  Prize Value Sponsor Winner’s name
Winner Gift Voucher $50 Kajita Tyki Tadano Colebrook
Costume P Shopping Voucher $30 JCV/JFOC Georgia Pattoson
Special P Shopping Voucher $20 JCV/JFOC Juliet Ito Cannon


ジャパンフェスティバル 2014 コスプレコンテスト入賞者


Cosplay Contest



  Prize Value Sponsor Winner’s name
Winner Gift Voucher $50 Kajita Kaede
Costume P Shopping Voucher $25 JCV/JFOC Lei
Special P Shopping Voucher $20 JCV/JFOC Terri

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