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Drawing Contest 2019 Winners

Congratulations for Winners!

Also Thank you very much for all the participation for Drawing Contest!


The Prep-Grade 6 Primary School Division

 Prize School Name  Student Name 
 1st Prize Kalinda P.S.  Isabelle Whiteside
 2nd Prize Kodomoon Art Noah Livingston
 3rd Prize Kodomoon Art Xavier Shi
 Special Prize Yarra P.S. Jack Green
 20th Anniversary
Japan Festival Prize
The Japanese School
of Melbourne
Ran Chiba


1st Prize

Primary 1st


2nd Prize

Primary 2nd


3rd Prize

Primary 3rd


Special Prize

Primary Special


20th Anniversary Japan Festival Prize

20th Anniversary Japan Festival Prize


Year 7-9 High School Division

 Prize School Name  Student Name 
 1st Prize Kambrya College Tara Quigley
 2nd Prize Kodomoon Art Sawako Fujiie
 3rd Prize Wellington Seconday College Minami Emmett
 Special Prize Wyndham Central College Mu Gay Maung

1st Prize

Secondary 1st


2nd Prize

Secondary 2nd


3rd Prize

Secondary 3rd


Special Prize

Secondry Special

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