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Happy New Year!
Have a healthy, safe and joyful 2016 with JCV.

We hope that there will be more peace and goodwill everywhere in the world in 2016, and that common sense will become more common.
There is no PLAN(ET) B. (Sorry, Dr WHO fans)

We’re starting our activities with our Hanagasa Ondo group dancing in the Australia Day Parade on Tuesday January 26.

Our New Year party will be on Sunday February 7, 12.15 – 15.30, at East Caulfield Social Room, off Dudley St, Caulfield East, the same location as last year.

We will be marching in the Moomba Parade on Monday 14 March.

Here’s a few photos that might put you in the right mood as you prepare to tackle 2016. Ah, do you remember back when we started the new millennium, and we worried about those 2 extra zeroes on the computer clocks? How time flies, regardless.